Directors and officers insurance (D&O) from Eastern Insurance Agencies is essential for protecting the assets of senior leadership. D&O insurance is not just for large companies, but fits the needs of a smaller business as well. It can help protect directors and officers of public and private for-profits businesses, as well as non-profit organizations and educational institutions.

A D&O policy could offer financial protection for high level leadership against alleged or actual wrongful act claims within their managerial duties. Financial protection could include defense costs, investigation costs and financial losses.

The risks directors and officers face may include:

  • Shareholder actions
  • Reporting errors
  • Employment practices and other HR related issues
  • Inaccurate and inadequate disclosure
  • Failure to comply with laws or regulations
  • Decisions that exceed their authority

D&O insurance may potentially protect your business from wrongful decisions made by directors and officers. Talk with a local agent at Eastern Insurance Agencies to help you get started.